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My name is Judy Cutbill and I designed and developed The Neat Bread Slicer - here’s why and how...


In January 2011 I bought a home bread maker and a good bread knife.  I soon realised that slicing a loaf freehand was no easy task especially if it was newly baked. I threw away too much bread because it was unusable!  So, I bought a bread slicing guide - this was made of plastic and within a very short period of usage it broke. I also found problems with the design, for example the bread slices were too thin.


I decided to search the Internet and retailers for a replacement slicer of better quality and design, but couldn’t find one.  There were very few available to buy and those were either poor quality with bad customer feedback or very expensive and had to be imported.


Like most people, I enjoy products which are pleasing to use - simple, beautiful and functional.  I had ideas to overcome the problems associated with slicing a loaf and could see a gap in the market for a new product.  I formulated my ideas, drawing sketches, deciding on components and materials and creating a mock-up.


Convinced that it would be worth progressing, I contacted a local design consultancy, Burrell Innovation, who were absolutely fantastic - working with me to develop my ideas, making suggestions, creating drawings, being proactive and supportive.


I was keen to use manufacturers and suppliers in the UK and was lucky to have two companies able to produce the steel and wood components within the locality.  I worked closely with both and visited their sites to discuss options and progress the design.


The first prototype was produced and tested thoroughly by a willing group of friends, relatives and colleagues who provided valuable feedback.  After many months of further testing, consultation, modification and design updates, the final product was manufactured.


It’s been a rewarding and fun experience.


I hope you enjoy using The Neat Bread Slicer as much as I have enjoyed producing it.


I welcome feedback, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please do contact me via the Contact page.





The Neat Bread Slicer is a Registered Design.