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The bread slicer is used with a bread knife. It’s very important that this is sharp especially when the bread is soft. If the knife is blunt or the bread very soft, the loaf can buckle and distort causing the slices to be uneven. It’s best not to try and slice bread which has just been baked - leave it to rest and harden for a while.

Ensure the loaf is inserted into the slicer to butt against the end stops. Hold the bread firmly. Insert the knife into the slot nearest the frame end stops. Use a small sawing motion and don’t press down too hard. Ensure the knife tip doesn’t come out of the frame. Continue sawing until the knife reaches the base and the loaf is cut through. Don’t keep sawing as this will damage the base. If desired, move to the next slot to cut another slice.

The bread slicer is designed to be used left or right handed.
Wood is a naturally antibacterial material - just brush off the crumbs. For a more thorough clean, dismantle and then wipe with a cloth soaked  in a mild dishwashing soap solution. Do not use an abrasive product. Do not submerge the base in water. Allow to air dry. Do not put any component in a dishwasher. Assemble once dry. Do not store near a heat source e.g. a radiator.

A food safe mineral oil can be applied to the base periodically to retain it’s looks and improve the resistance to staining. Do not use a cooking oil e.g. Olive oil as this can become rancid. When applying the oil, try to avoid the rubber feet as oil on these will reduce their non-slip properties. Scoring of the wooden base will occur as the knife makes contact. This is inevitable and will not affect the operation of the bread slicer. Better to score the wooden base than your worktop!

Steel is very strong, but it is also flexible. If the ‘strips’ of the frame become misaligned, gently push them back in to position.


The bread slicer can be disassembled for storage and cleaning.


To assemble, gently pull apart the steel frame just wide enough to allow for the steel tabs at the base of the frame to fit into the slots in the side of the wooden base. The holes in the steel tabs should then align with the holes in the wooden base. Insert the four steel pins from the top of the base through each of the holes to secure the frame to the base.


To disassemble, use a finger to push the steel pins from the underside of the wooden base which will enable the pins to be removed pulling the head end of the pin out. Gently pull apart the frame just enough so that the tabs come out of the slots in the base.  The pins can be placed back in the holes in the base for storage.